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VIP event Night of the knights – part 2

Posted by WKF head office on February 23rd, 2018

Night of the knights – inside this 900 Years old castle

WKF EUROPE confirm the next WGP – World Grand Prix inside this 900 (!) Years old castle.

The WGP is scheduled for summer 2018 and the finale date is not yet confirmed.

For this event the next US Champion male or female is already in negotiation, soon we know more about.

knights in action


This is just for our AAA WKF promoters only.

What are the conditions?

International Champions from at least 3 continents!

Two air tickets for fighter and coach abroad, food and good Hotel budget from the organizing team, good hospitality.

International WKF licensed referees and neutral supervisor, appointed by our head office. TV contract for the event. At least one professional World title !

WKF sanction fee for any World Grand Prix is part of negotiation.


here the ring is set up, VIP event for 1500 people – inside a 900 Years old castle! Who wants to fight here?