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Posted by WKF head office on November 11th, 2018












2020 First time in history on the African continent !

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PPF – Pro Point Fighting, Benvenido, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Добро пожаловать, 欢迎

Posted by WKF head office on December 15th, 2018


PPF World president Fernando GUERRERO

Dear Friends of WKF,

My name is Fernando GUERRERO and since last World congres in Buenos Aires I am new World director for PPF – Pro Point Fighting.

I’m from Santiago de Chile and I’m now responsible for the development in PPF.

Together with the best point fighters in the world, I want to continue the high standard and improve it with YOUR help.

I look forward to receiving your inquiries by e-mail in English or Spanish in my PPF World office.


Welcome in our WKF PRO POINT FIGHTING division.

our amazing PPF World title belt

The idea behind is to upgrade our World wide best Semi contact and point fighter, to give them a chance to fight on a special event, for a special title and a special belt, as main fight on the event.

The fees (on request) are fair, the rules are clear, the conditions easy.

World Kickboxing Federation sanction World wide continental, Intercontinental and World Champion titles for adults, man and woman.

Like in ring sport just send fighter profile and photo of your top class point fighters and we post them in the World ranking.

Have always a look on our updated pro point fighting ranking and event schedule, many downloads, gallery and much more on WKF Pro Point Fighting , just have a look.

We are ready for any request

Fernando GUERRERO,

PPF World president

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Many tough WKF European Champions are ready to Challenge US fighters at home in USA !

Posted by WKF head office on December 14th, 2018

WKF is very strong in Europe

World Champion Mike SHEPPARD

WKF EUROPE head office ask for the following publication update:


In the past many US guys fought in Europe vs. local or European Champions for WKF titles, in K-1 style as well as in Muay Thai!

With less success, because very often their fighter profile was incorrect.

Just Heavyweight Mike SHEPPARD from Palestine beat the Russian Champion in Moscow by KO! Mike fought also in Australia for the IKF  heavy weight World title and beat Robert WILESMITH badly by Knock-out!

Honor and respect, Mike !!!


In the world outside US real pro have 50 and more fights in amateur tournaments, before the move on to professional ring sport.

NO fighter with e.g. just 10 fights get a chance to fight for WKF pro titles, and NO old guy with 35 Years plus. This is outside USA impossible.

Please note – e.g.Russian Champions start as juniors and when they became 20 Years old, they can have more than 100 (!) fights. Real international fights in ring sport, we are not talking about tatami point fighting!

ANDWKF- World Kickboxing Federation – is a world wide sanctioning body on 6 continents in more than 140 countries.

Not a private promoter company, select or decide who and where, which champions fight for their XYZ company titles !

AND – federal state vs. federal state World title has absolute NO VALUE outside USA !


If you never have fought abroad outside USA vs. the best fighter in the World rankings, from Europe, Africa or perhaps Asia –



Our European Champions ore bored about! You don´t belief this facts ?

Invite a selected team from Europe, we help with 8 fighters any time. We expect 12 airline tickets, good Hotel and food. More details we can discuss, send a serious request by mail to our office. IF YOU ARE A REAL PROMOTER!



Cristian MILEA, WKF World Champion K-1

Strong European Champions want now to fight in USA

and to challenge few of the best US Champions !


Every US promoter East or West coast can request for real tough male and female Champions. Our WKF EUROPE head office assist with great pleasure to find the right opponent for YOUR champion. Send your request by mail only, please !


Florian BARTL, 8 times World Champion, Austria

YOU are interested and you have a fighter, male or female ? With perhaps 20 and more fights in ring sport? Great – send your serious request, with honest (!) fighter profile and few good JPG photos. And in 48 hours we advise and recommend fighter for you ! But please – no bigmouth.


WKF EUROPE recommend for you :


Cristian MILEA European and World Champion !!!


He is our current professional World Champion in K-1, Superwelterweight – 153 lbs/ 69, 50 kg.

He beat the French ISKA Champion Kamara MADICKE by points and is a real professional fighter. Many so called Champions don´t want to face him in the Ring. In his amateur career he had more than 150 (!) fights plus 98 professional fights. He fight e.g. in Colosseum event series, or in China and other huge events in Asia.


Who want to challenge him on YOUR next event in USA ?

Where are your strong US Champions ???


Now he is looking for a good fight in USA !

Do you have a tough 153 lbs  K-1 fighter ?



Are YOU tough enough ?


Florian BARTL – 8 times PRO-AM World Champion in K-1  – 178 lbs / 81 Kg !

Florian BARTL –  is a tough puncher as well and a young 19th Years old talented fighter.

HIS FIGHT IN “COLOSSEUM EVENT” on Bukarest, Romania.

He won again his last fight September 22nd in “16th Night of Glory”  event,

by KO in 3rd round vs. Czech Champion Ivo CRHAK.

And he won again 2 fmore fights by KO in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 2018.


He fought World wide vs. the best local foreign Champions. YOUTUBE TRAILER 2017

Many promoters in Europe, Africa and Asia want to have him on their shows, money talks! 🙂

Today he has an unbelievable fighting record of  32 fights, 29 wins and 18 by KO with just 3 lose!

Bartl is PRO-AM World Champion and fought on 6 continents (!) in many huge events.


Now he is looking for a good fight in USA in spring 2019 !

Do you have a tough 178 lbs  K-1 fighter ?

A young Gladiator in the ring, can´t be much better !



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Ric SNIFFEN our busy WKF USA president

Posted by WKF head office on December 14th, 2018


WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN

WKF USA LogoWKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN has more and more new state directors in USA.

We have been APPROVED to hold PROFESSIONAL WKF EVENTS in Oklahoma, West Virginia and Indiana and we are working on Texas and Tennesse now so maybe by 2019 we will have many States approving us.


World Cup in May 2019 in China

Many new events in USA agreed, as well as an USA national team for the

World Championships 2020

World Championships in Egypt in October 19th to 26th, 2020 is confirmed as well.

You could compete in 14 form categories, point fighting, light contact, full contact, low kick, K-1 rules real Thai Boxing and MMA. All fights 3 rounds 2 minutes.

Next World Championships 2022 are confirmed

first time in history in China !


Any US fighter who is interested to become “member in the US national team”  just fill in the “WKF USA application form” and send by mail to Mr. Sniffen.

Many US top class fighter will be registered in all four World rankings. All our international WKF promoters have now the opportunity to book a US Champion for the next title fight or any other event.

We have our next events in amateur and professional in USA, and if you want to book any WKF USA fighters, or for any requests in WKF World Kickboxing Federation events and activities contact Mr. Sniffen.

We’d love to hear from you !!!


USA banner

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Next Open European Cup in Poland, February 1st to 3rd

Posted by WKF head office on December 12th, 2018

WKF POLAND president Dariusz ZAJAC invite and confirm next





European Cup


first to third February 2019 !



open for all tough male/female US K-1 Champions!


and all countries in the World!



In K-1 only, for strong female and male in the city Mikolow in Poland.

Plus WKF title fights are on the fight card in the finals.

YOU think you´re tough ? Come to Poland and prove it !


For further information please contact WKF POLAND by mail.



All US and Canadian teams,



fighters and real Champions  are most welcome in Poland !!!


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Alianza Americana, WKF y FLAAMM trabajaran en Equipo! / American Alliance, WKF and FLAAMM will work together!

Posted by WKF head office on December 10th, 2018

Latin America takes the initiative to add more fighters and promoters to the Mixed Martial Arts through a cooperative agreement between the Latin American Federation of Mixed Martial Arts and the World Kickboxing Federation Latin America.

In a meeting between Andres Gomez Director FLAAMM Colombia and General Coordinator FLAAMM and Carlos SUAREZ Director for Latin America WKF agreed agreements for the promotion of Mixed Martial Arts in America.

The project seeks the inclusion of competitors at the Continental level in both Amateur and Professionals and give them a worldwide projection.

“We hope that American athletes can be in the most important MMA galas in the world, as well as fighters from other parts of the world can participate in America driven by WKF”, this way the growth will be gradual and concrete as expressed by Carlos Suarez.

“Nobody is stronger than all of us together”


America toma la iniciativa de sumar más peleadores y promotores a las Artes Marciales Mixtas a través de un acuerdo de coopartipacion entre la Federación Latino Americana de Artes Marciales Mixtas y la  World Kickboxing Federation America latina.

En una reunión entre  Andres Gomez Director FLAAMM Colombia y Coordinador General FLAAMM  y  Carlos SUAREZ Director para Latinoamrica WKF se pautaron acuerdos para la promoción de las Artes Marciales Mixtas en America.

El proyecto busca la inserción de competidores a nivel Continental tanto en Amateur como Profesionales y  darles una  proyección a su vez a nivel Mundial.

„Esperamos que atletas americanos puedan estar en las galas de MMA mas Importantes del mundo, como así peleadores de otras partes del mundo puedan participar en América impulsados por WKF“,de esta forma el crecimiento será paulatino y concreto así lo expreso Carlos Suarez.


„Nadie es más fuerte que todos nosotros juntos“


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Next WKF World Cup May 20th to 25th 2019 in the City Chengdu, China

Posted by WKF head office on December 9th, 2018


First time in history in Asia

WKF sanction this great international event as World Cup !


WKF World Cup in Chengdu, China, May 20th to 25th




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To whom it may concern …

Posted by WKF head office on December 8th, 2018

Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president

In the past several peoples received funny and harassing E-mails from our former member Mr. Robert W. in Sydney.

Without our permission he is still using our WKF contacts to pretend to be still member in WKF.

Because of this bad behavior we had to delete all his fighters from our World ranking. All his former fighters and Champions fell free to contact our WKF head office.


Just to make it very clear one more time and to avoid any further embarrassing mails again:

Robert W. is NOT MORE MEMBER in WKF.

Because of the dismissal of our former Australian member the General assembly vote for Mr. Hans ROMANOWSKI / Brasil as new WKF General Secretary.

Everything should be doubtless and clear now.

Sorry for the inconvenience !!!

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Ecuador y Argentina inician el camino a Egipto 2020/Ecuador and Argentina start the road to Egypt

Posted by WKF head office on December 7th, 2018




Se realizó una entrevista al Representante de la Federación Mundial de Kick Boxing en Ecuador, en el programa radial Los Comentaristas, en radio Caravana, se habló del Campeonato Mundial de Kick Boxing en Argentina y de todo la gran labor de los países que asistieron. También se habló del trabajo de WKF ECUADOR para el 2019 y su proyección al Campeonato Mundial en Egipto en el 2020.

Sin duda estaremos con con una mayor delegación, sumado a los demás países de Sudamérica.



Arranca nuevamente el Ranking Nacional con vistas a Egipto 2020, las novedades ahora para ser un HELL‘ FIGHTERS deberán tener 20 puntos para clasificar a las eliminatorias o ser campeón del circuito nacional. Otra de las novedades es que los eventos Internacionales tendrán puntaje doble y clasificaran directo a las eliminatorias.


Latino América se prepara para tener una fuerte presencia en Egipto 2020 y ya está trabajando sobre la sede del próximo campeonato Sudamericano en 2019.



An interview was made to the Representative of the World Kick Boxing Federation in Ecuador, on the radio program Los Comentaristas, on Caravana radio, there was talk of the Kick Boxing World Championship in Argentina and all the great work of the countries that attended. The work of WKF ECUADOR for 2019 and its projection to the World Championship in Egypt in 2020 was also discussed.  No doubt we will be with a larger delegation, added to the other countries of South America.


The National Ranking starts again with a view to Egypt 2020, the news now to be a HELL ‘FIGHTERS must have 20 points to qualify for the qualifying rounds or to be champion of the national circuit. Another novelty is that the International events will have double points and will qualify directly to the qualifiers. Latin America is preparing to have a strong presence in Egypt 2020 and is already working on the venue of the next South American Championship in 2019.


Carlos Alberto Duran Paredes – presidente WKF ECUADOR

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New WKF Latin America continental director is Mr. Carlos SUAREZ from Buenos Aires

Posted by WKF head office on December 5th, 2018


WKF continental director Mr. Carlos SUAREZ

On the last WKF World congress in Buenos Aires we had on request of few member countries a change in our Board of directors.

New WKF Latin America continental director is Mr. Carlos SUAREZ from Buenos Aires. Now Mr. Suarez is one of 6 Vice-presidents in WKF World federation and has an important vote and voice, to represent all LAC matters . Very soon he will bring strong Latin American Champions on many WKF events World wide.

Mr. Suarez is long time in our business, well know as serious promoter in Latin America.

All promoters, fighters, managers are invited to contact Mr. Suarez in Buenos Aires by mail, for further cooperation in WKF World wide.


„Nadie es más fuerte que todos nosotros juntos.“

Desde hoy comenzamos un nuevo camino innovaremos para hacer crecer WKF en América Latina y les propongo que trabajemos en Equipo. Pero trabajar implica compromiso, implica que podamos contar unos con otros, implica el poder superar diferencias y tirar todos hacia un mismo lado. 

Aquí no hay nada mágico, nada va a caer del cielo, ni saldrán conejos de la galera, tenemos que lograrlo con esfuerzo y trabajo, unidos por un fin y con un objetivo.

Les propongo una América latina Unida, les propongo innovar con nuevos conceptos, abrir la mente y crear „EN EQUIPO“ lo impensado. Les pido que se sumen, que apoyen, se que podemos hacerlo, se que vamos a trabajar en equipo para que así sea.

Algunos ya lo sabían, otros tal vez lo escucharon, les quiero contar que me enorgullece formar parte del Directorio de WKF ya que fui nombrado en la ultimo reunión de presidentes en Buenos Aires Director para Latinoamerica.

Desde el 1ro de diciembre comenzare en el cargo con una propuesta innovadora para la Región. Gracias por la confianza a todos los Directores continentales (Europa, Asia, África, Medio Oriente, Australia y Norte América) y todos los que apoyan desde Sudamérica por su voto que me permite ocupar el cargo.Vamos a revolucionar el deporte, con trabajo, nivelando para arriba, América unida bajo la bandera del deporte de contacto!!

Espero su correo electrónico


WKF – we are the real global player !!!


„Nadie es más fuerte que todos nosotros juntos.“


Director WKF  América latina & Caribe

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WKF World Championships in Argentina !

Posted by WKF head office on December 5th, 2018

WKF Latinamerica director Carlos SUAREZ and Fritz EXENBERGER, WKF World president / CEO

En mi resumen personal del mundial solo puedo agradecer lo que la vida me ha dado. Me dio una familia que me apoya, me dio amigos del deporte, me dio amigos en muchos países, me dio gente generosa que apoya y cree en lo que hacemos.

El mundial lo hicimos entre todos con mucho esfuerzo de mucha gente. Siempre creí en lo que hicimos el objetivo era firme y la voluntad fuerte y sumado a que soy incansable y obsesivo nos dio un resultado increíble!!

Les dejo algunas frases que hemos recibido en esos días.: „Amazing Organization“, „Argentina Strong Figthers“, „Argentina warriors with Heart and Spirit“, „Great Organization“, „Best, Best organization“, „Perfect Event good people, amazing fighters, great attention, great organization“, „The Best organization of the last ten years!! „.

Esa fue
la imagen que dejamos de ARGENTINA!!. Que te digan que fue la mejor organización de un campeonato en los últimos 10 años te llena de orgullo porque es por lo que se trabaja tan duro, que te digan que los „PELEADORES DEL INFIERNO“ son grandes guerreros lleva tu orgullo personal a otro nivel, porque esos chicos dejaron todo para estar ahí.

Si debo agradecer a alguien en especial es a Fritz Exenberger y a todo el comité superior de WKF que creyó en el trabajo de Argentina y nos dieron esa oportunidad, Nunca antes se había hecho un campeonato fuera del continente Europeo y rompimos con ese paradigma. En todo momento desde que votaron por Argentina como sede del campeonato del mundo confiaron y eso para mí no tiene precio.

Mas alla de la gran cantidad de felicitaciones de colegas, profesores y del publico espectador me quedo con una frase de un profesor que me dijo „Carlos tu única bandera es la de Argentina“ y así es mi patria, mi país!!. El campeonato del mundo puso a ARGENTINA en otra escala a nivel mundial, por la entrega de los chicos y el nivel de organización que se mostró, Ahora me queda esperar el resumen de los mundiales y ver si quedamos dentro de los 10 países, de que dejamos todo no tengo duda, en el 2012 en nuestro primer campeonato mundial iniciamos en el puesto 63 y hoy podemos quedar entre los primeros 10 lugares del mundo. Esfuerzo, dedicación y pelearla día a día, Gracias a todos por confiar, gracias a todos los que sumaron, gracias a quienes creen en lo que hacemos por el crecimiento del deporte. Tal vez me quedan muchas cosas por decir pero todo se resume a un






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