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PPF – important Pro Point Fighting News !

Posted by WKF head office on December 5th, 2020

PPF World president Fernando GUERRERO, Chile

Our respected WKF PPF World president Mr. Fernando GUERRERO from Santiago de Chile want to move on with our PPF division.

Please contact him for your next scheduled PPF title fight and any further request !

ANNOUNCEMENT: As President of Pro Point Fight and TATAMI SPORTS of the WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION I am waiting for the WKF Presidents of each country to contact me to formalize their Pro Point Fight Directors or TATAMI SPORTS in their country.

Along with this, it’s time to start programming Pro Title Fight and Title Tables.

Without your participation and collaboration this will not be possible. I urge you to contact me as soon as possible.

To get to work ….. Competitors and fighters are waiting for our efforts.

ANUNCIO : Como Presidente de Pro Point Fight y TATAMI SPORTS de la WKF WORLD KICKBOXING FEDERATION  estoy a la espera de que me contacten los Presidentes de WKF de cada país para formalizar sus Directores de Pro Point Fight o TATAMI SPORTS en su país.

Junto con esto es hora de empezar a programar Peleas por Titulo de Pro Point Fight y de Tatami Sports. 

Sin su participación y colaboración esto no sera posible. Los insto a contactarme a la brevedad.

A ponerse a trabajar ….. Los competidores y luchadores están esperando de nuestras gestiones.

Atentamente / contact:

Fernando Guerrero T. 

Presidente Mundial de PPF WKF World KickBoxing Federation

Vice Presidente de WKF Chile 

Escriben directamente a: ppf.wkfworldpresident@gmail.com