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WKF PAPUA NEW GUINEA proudly present on September 26th !!!

Posted by WKF head office on August 26th, 2018


PNG´s Best of the Best

WKF head officeand WKF AUSTRALIA continental federation office confirm:

WKF PNG president Stanley NANDEX moving forward with next promotion in capital City Port Moresby.

Venue is the famous “Sir John Guise Stadium”

For 2018 we start with this great event now on  September 26th, with Champions from 5 countries ring side.



WKF World Champion Rickson YAMO vs. Jordan JEFFRIES and WKF Intercontinental Champion Jeffery DAKA vs. Ben REGAN for the second world title.

Plus Australian & Oceania continental title John KWIWA vs. McKenzie CUNNINGHAM.

WKF World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Plus two more international title fights with Jonathan TUHU and Timothy LOMAI from Papua New Guinea.

More events in PNG, New Zealand and Australia in the online schedule. If you want to join our WKF PNG contact Mr. Nandex by mail.


Our next huge amateur


World Championships 


in Buenos Aires!


If you want to represent your team and Country USA or CANADA (!)

by the next World Championships 2018 in Argentina

contact by E-mail our WKF head office please

legends at work in Papua New Guinea