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US Champion wanted in Europe for WKF World title in spring 2021

Posted by WKF head office on January 5th, 2021


European PRO-AM Champion -138 lbs  Zarif SADIQI, Octagon pro Gym

WKF USA president Ric SNIFFEN negotiate since long time with international managers to send US Champions to Europe, Asia and Africa for WKF title fights.

Now WKF EUROPE head office confirm next chance for any US champion to fight for the amazing WKF World title !

Hardly to belief, but not many US American fighters has passports to travel to Europe or Asia. How to get a fight outside USA ?

For March/April 2021 its scheduled a team fight, 4 man plus two females, all in K-1 style, 5 rounds two minutes.

Weight for the girls are  – 145 lbs /-66Kg and second Girl + 145 lbs / + 66 Kg four man weight categories on request.


Top fighters wanted,

to represent TEAM USA  !!!


Promoter is www.knock-out.at , for WKF World title in K-1 rules vs. current European Champion Zarif SADIQUI, fighting for the World famous Octagon pro Gym in Vienna, Austria.


Alexandra P. is European Champion – she want to challenge any US Girl + 145 lbs / + 66 Kg, NO K-1 LADIES IN USA ???

latest news:

On the last World congress in Argentina WKF head office present the new league




What are the conditions?


This is just for our AAA WKF promoter only.

International Champions from at least 3 continents!

Ric and Robin SNIFFEN, WKF USA

Two air tickets for fighter and coach abroad, food and good Hotel budget from the organizing team, good hospitality.

International WKF licensed referee and supervisor, appointed by our head office.

TV contract for the event.

At least one professional WKF World title, according all our rules and regulations !

WKF sanction fee for the World Grand Prix is part of negotiation.

And we are looking for any new serious AAA promoter in USA !

For our next WKF World Grand Prix in Europe we have again

TOP international fight card again with US fighter !!!