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Anthony von SAGER our WKF USA West coast director

Posted by WKF head office on April 8th, 2018


Master Anthony von SAGER, WKF USA west coast director

9780982260326WKF USA head office confirm our WKF USA West coast director – Mr. Anthony von SAGER.

He is very experienced martial arts expert and well known in USA for his Cloud Dancer Media and  “Get fit 4 live” system.

Master Anthony von Sager, born in Germany, raised as well in Vienna, Anthony was told he would never walk (for sure not with any assistance), or lead a healthy normal productive Life;

Because he was born with Cerebral Palsy, never the less he become a professional Athlete, a Teacher and a true and celebrated Champion, competing in able body competitions, witch changed the understanding and the landscape of Martial Arts and the perspective of challenged body athletes around the world.


Master Anthony von SAGER “get fit4life system”

Do to his efforts, unwanted to be a Barrier breaker, Athlete and Teacher for all able body Martial Artist are now accepted and welcome World wide, as “able body practitioner” and competitors!

Fully integrated without special treatments or events, side by side!

If you are interested to cooperate with WKF in the West coast just contact Mr. Sager by mail.